I was definitely born to solve problems.

As an industrial designer with a Master Degree in Innovation, ceramics and Advanced Materials, my role is to break stereotypes, change the perception of technology, bring it closer to people.
For me is essential to plan for both the personal well-being of individuals, and for the planet. Because each one influences and is a direct consequence of each other.

I think I belong to the most FEARED kind of problem solvers, the creative: nowadays every problem we face already has a solution.
And there’s always a highway between problem and solution: a highway crossed by 99% of the people, called “safe zone”, which represents the “common solution”, the easy one.
My life, and luckily my job, is to explore the “error zone”, the jungle of unthinkable solutions where no one is used to have its journey into. And as soon as a new idea is born into my mind, I always start making prototypes, touching the technology, feeling it.

Because my job is to translate fantasy into reality: I’m a maker.