Lectori Salutem

Posted on April 16, 2012

While ostensibly a desk, produced through a combination of highly-skilled craftsmanship and carefully-programmed technical processes, the Lectori Salutem is imbued with a symbolic value.
Two silhouettes, portrait of Jeroen Verhoeven’s studio collaborators Judith De Graauw and Jeroen Verhoeven, are subtly shaped into its undulating surfaces.
Constructed using highly-polished steel, the traditional industrialism of this material is inverted to produce an elegant and seemingly lightweight object.

Through a delicate distribution of weight, the piece combines streamline curves and flowing contours to create a physical equilibrium and an illusionistic sense of movement and speed.

Lectori Salutem Desk for DEMAKERSVAN Dutch Design House
Project exhibited at Blain | Southern