Runner, free your spirit

Posted on April 16, 2012

The project starts from an unusual product, recycled tire powder, and is installed in parks, directly on the grass, creating a material and conceptual contrast, and working as curious “sport-meeting point”.

Borderline between social design, architecture and land art, Runner is a large surface that resembles the strong iconic signal of the foot, from which branch out training tracks, in different lengths and various colors, to represent their difficulty level.

Runner is the revenge of a material that used to be buried and hidden in the ground, now spotlighted lead actor, suggesting wellness and movement.
Its surfaces are made of rubber tire powder (from 0,5 to 15mm diameter) bound in poliurethane (4 to 20% of the mix, by weight).

By calibrating the composition of the mixture you can get a material with different friction properties: you can create ad-hoc tracks that allow post-surgery and post-traumatic rehabilitation, jogging or agonistic training, in different lenghts and recognizable contrasting colors, to enrich public spaces or requalify abandoned green areas.

This material is very suitable for outdoors: it has good resistance even if not exceedingly tough (useful to attenuate accidental falls), and it makes fluids leave through, draining water and avoiding the creation of dangerous puddles: to run, walk and exercyse in safety.

I designed Runner for the company ELASTRADE